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4th float A quiet stillness in the dense waters presented me with an unwinding and deep calm, as well as relief to aching muscles. Each float deepens my experience, my relaxation. Thank you.
Randy H
Evidence of de-stress Interestingly, 3 hours after my float session I had an opportunity to check my vitals. My blood pressure and pulse were 15-20% lower than my usual average, which I've been checking regularly the last several weeks. Your facility is spotless, quiet, beautiful. My experience greatly exceeded my expectations.
Mary C
Good Felt fine afterwards. Thanks.
Lara Hart Very intuitive ,awesome massage
Cindy D
Total peace Tranquil Clean & Positive
1st float I felt like I was floating --- my skin not touching anything, water or air. I was free-floating!
Jodi R
Always happy :) Shannon is amazing. I have neck, upper back, and shoulder pain from a car accident and always feel increased mobility after my massages. The effect lasts longer than any massage I have ever had. The environment is very clean and peaceful and I always look forward to my time there.
Gina W
Amazing Massage Thank you Shannon! I feel great today!! I think you got me aligned right and the knots out:)
Awesome place Finally tried an abdominal massage. It was weird and awesome. I'll be back for more.
Jessica A
Best experience best staff I had the most amazing experience at Still life ! I did a one hour float and it was amazing and relaxing and i left stress free! The facility is clean and professional i was very impressed! The staff was also super friendly and explained everything so clearly and was very helpful! I will definitely be coming back again and again!
Tess H
Exquisite I felt held completely free from the pull of gravity, in complete balance with super-fluidity. It was an experience for my entire body, my senses, and a "shake-up" for my "proprioceptors". It was challenging to know where I ended and the water began, as if I'd become one with my surroundings. The interplay between my senses and Buoyancy, Balance, Motion --- unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Thank you! I look forward to my next float!
Sean R
Floating!!! I recently tried out the float tanks for the first time and I loved it... It's extremely relaxing and it was like nothing I've done before. I felt very rejuvenated and rested upon leaving. I highly recommend it to everyone. I'm also a bit claustrophobic and I didn't experience any discomfort.
flotation bliss What a wonderful experience. The only sounds I heard were that of my own heart beat and my breath. The moment that I felt my body 'melt' across the top of the water was exquisite and it lead me right into a 'moment' of my conscious body and physical body being separate from one another.
Jeff C
Great experience! A great way to "hit the pause button" in the business of life. I felt like the pod was much bigger once I was inside and the experience certainly left me with a sense of feeling refreshed and calm. Try it yourself, and I'll guarantee that you will tell a friend or two!
Alexandra D
magical massage angel Hi Tess! I have never felt such deep relief and "ahhhhhhh" factor from a professional massage, as I have during my two sessions with you. You're the best! Yesterday I really felt like you worked a miracle, curing me of a debilitating headache. Thank you for your healing hands and excellent communication. I also appreciate you sharing your knowledge about muscles and anatomy- it has done a lot to validate and illuminate what I have been feeling and why.
Good place I've had massages from a few people & they have all felt great. Friendly staff. I'm always satisfied and very relaxed and happy when I leave. 2 thumbs up
Lupita b
Adriana is the best! I've been training for a marathon and have developed some issues with leg muscles..IT bands, hamstrings etcetera.... Adriana has shown immense knowledge and skillful hands to alleviate some of the issues I have which has helped me to continue my training. The new space they are in at Bellwether is also very nice.
Gina W
Massage with Shannon Shannon is amazing at her job. She takes in account your pain level and pain areas and gives a very unique and healing massage. I always feel better mentally and physically after my massages with Shannon!
Brittany B
Massage with Shannon I had a great experience! The music was really relaxing. I slept better than I have in a long time! I think I shed a big layer of stress off my neck and shoulders. Thank you!
Adam S
Thanks and Maybe just remember to have the blinds down when the client goes in to change (it was no big deal, though). Too bad you aren't on the second floor--could do massages with the blinds open! Thanks for the massages, Shannon. I'll be back based on extreme need or deductible. :^)
Amazing Review of Adriana Rouquayrol This was my first massage from Adriana. I am always very nervous when trying someone new, but boy am I glad I did. She did an amazing job! My neck and shoulders were killing me from stress, but this girl worked about three layers of my pain out. I've already made another appointment with her. I highly recommend Adriana to anyone!
Steve R
A really professional expereince! I have received massages from Janell and Shannon, would highly recommend either of them!
Yvonne N
Adriana Perfectly done...Thank YOU!
Lupita b
Adriana is wonderful! 1st time with Still Life but not my last. Very knowledgeable and helped me with my issues more than I could have hoped. Can't wait until my next session.
Excellent Felt 10x better after session
Amazing Review of Shannon Fuller My nurse practitioner referred me to Still Life Massage, specifically to Shannon. She was absolutely fabulous -- by far the best massage I have ever had! Love the vibe of Still Life, too. Peaceful, quiet, and really lovely.
Janet K
Adriana Rocks She truly does!
Elizabeth B
Amazing care & attention, excellent massages Review of Tess Hustead I've been seeing Tess regularly for several months now and feel compelled to leave a rave review! I am 20 weeks pregnant with my third child and have been working with her on some specific issues that have bothered me for many years. Pregnancy only exacerbates this. Tess has all but cured me of that pain, making my day to day life so much more comfortable. I sleep better, have better moods and an am enjoying this pregnancy the best of all! I highly recommend her!
Agnes L
A Terrific Discovery! First time at Still Life Massage but definitely not my last! The massage that Shannon provided was great - very much what I needed to release tension in my muscles. Shannon is also very thoughtful and intuitive - she has a good sense of the areas to work on. Still Life is conveniently located in downtown Bellingham. The place is peaceful and clean. The rooms convey a sense of comfortable spaciousness. Definitely enjoyed my experience at Still Life and will be heading back!
Lara H
Excellent massage Shannon's massage was top notch. She addressed my needs and offered gentle yet firm pressure to help ease areas of chronic tension.
Tara E
FANTASTIC Review of Camron France My first experience with cranial massage and was pleasantly surprised. Went in having no clue of what to expect. Ended up in a place of total relaxation and stressful thoughts out of my mind, along with a cleared up headache. I would totally recommend Cameron to others and look forward to my next visit with him.
Yvonne N
Great Work Review of Tess Hustead Thank You, Tess...for you great attention and care during my treatment. Nice work.
Mary C
Long massage Thanks for the good all body massage!
Kim B
Tess I would highly recommend Tess. She is an excellent massage therapist and is very knowledgeable.
Michael R
Very professional Received a very professional and medically beneficial massage. Therapist was very skilled.
Yvonne's massages have been very soothing to my tight shoulders and back. I've enjoyed experiencing "cupping" in conjuction with a full body massage. I eagerly await my next massage.
Yvonne N
WONDERFUL Thank You...session was awesome!
Anna A
My first visit I was a bit nervous going in because I wasn't sure what all to expect. I was met with a welcoming greeting and clear, friendly, instruction on what was needed of me. The massage was absolutely delightful! I became so relaxed...I hope I didn't drool on your floor. Will certainly be coming back, and very soon!!
Allison P
Amazing everytime Review of Shannon Fuller I look forward and immensely enjoy my appointments. Shannon is wonderful. I feel splendid and relaxed, my neck and hips are so happy :)
Drew W
A Great First Still Life Massage Andreas was very thorough with his intake and listened well. The massage itself was excellent. He gave me many opportunities to guide the process with my feedback.
Mona W
Awesome Huge relief from my hip pain after one massage! Thanks Yvonne.
Denise P
Best Massage Ever Review of Shannon Fuller Shannon is an amazing massage therapist. I've been going to her for five years and I have never had a bad experience. I suffer from migraine headaches and Shannon knows how to effectively release tension in my shoulders, neck and head which helps reduce the amount of migraines I get in a month. I am so happy I found her :-)
Rick S
Deep but not too deep I have the advantage of having been massaged by Adriana several times. I have found her work to be very intuitively done, yet welcomes all input as to how deep to dig into troublesome areas. Essentially it boils down to lasting effects from her massage. I highly recommend her.
Elizabeth P
Excellence - this As always, prompt, courteous, and professional massage therapy. Super easy to book online, too. Love Still Life!!
David W
Excellent Very attentive, understanding, and helpful. Thank you
excellent Tess did an excellent job. Good communication and strong hands.
David B
excellent My last treatment did wonders for my back strain. Neck and shoulders don't feel as tight--think it's helping.
Excellent massage from Shannon! I've seen several therapists, all have been great
Tara E
Excellent Service Excellent experience & highly recommend (and I do) to all. Thank you Tess for not just working out knots in tight muscles but also teaching the various muscle groups and how they all work together. Will visit again soon!
Excellent Service and always friendly people I love going to Still Life Massage. Everyone there is so friendly. Shannon has always done an exceptional job.
marilene s
Excellent services! Excellent care!
Hilary W
gratitude Deep gratitude for Tess and her intuitive presence. ..not only incredibly knowing of anatomy but also needs of the human spirit. What a gift!
Great job! Janell does a fantastic job. No complaints. I will keep coming back
Kelly S
Great Massage Review of Janel Newgard Janel did a wonderful job!! Couldn't have been more pleased with her technique and pressure level. Thanks, it made my neck that much better!
Svetlana K
Great Massagists!! These ladies know what they're doing- they're always so good at finding those tight spots and gently massaging them out!
Allison T
Great Results! I feel so much better! Various tight muscles relaxed, others now working together better! I will definitely be back soon!!
Rebecca B
Highly Recommend So thankful for great service and unscented lotion vs. various oils -- they always cause my skin to flare up. Therapist was very knowledgeable and respectful of my health issues. Highly recommend.
Jeremy Q
Highly recommend it! I had developed some pretty annoying problem areas from transitioning into my first desk job. We weren't built to sit 8 hours a day! Janel has done an amazing job of working out those areas and now I go once or twice a month to keep my back loose. Anyone with a job that involves a lot of repetition or long periods of sitting needs to give this place a shot!
Betsy V
Heavenly Experience Review of Tess Hustead I'm the one who should be thanking you, Tess. The massage was totally heavenly! The whole experience was delightful and you put me completely at ease. I came home energized and mowed the whole lawn with the push mower and bagger. I didn't do any painting. :) I was wiped out and in bed by 8:30. I feel great today and worked in the garden all afternoon. I recommended you to my son's girlfriend so she may contact you. Thank you again for a wonderful experience. Sincerely, Betsy
Agnes L
Life-changing experience! Review of Janet Kingsley Janet is a knowledgeable & thoughtful massage practitioner. I’ve been to see her a few times now, for hip and abdomen/digestion related issues and each time I have come away feeling better & happy! The issues that have encumbered me for many years (and I have sought many therapies for them) are less now, thanks to Janet! I am thankful to have found Janet to help treat me and thankful for such a wonderful place such as Still Life Massage!
Fran R
Love Still Life Massage! Janel gives a fabulous massage! She really listens to what you say and pinpoints ways to improve the problem areas you describe.
Gary L
Magical Relaxation Shannon is an excellent massuse and an excellent listener. I had eight sessions with her and was able to experience her expertise. She was able to locate my specific soar points and help me get past some of the pain associated with past injuries. I highly recommend her.
Tara Everett
Massage Excellent team of massage therapists! Beyond satisfaction guarenteed! Highly recommend.
Gary L
Massage Therapy that works I have had the pleasure of sitting through three sessions so far and look forward to many more visits. Shannon knows what she is doing and is a skilled practioner of massage. Many of my aches and pains that I have had for years are slowly going away thanks to her attentive approach and practiced hands. I could not be happier or luckier than I am to have found my way to Still Life Massage.
Denise P
Massage with Shannon Shannon is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. I've been going to her for a little over 3 years and I've never had a bad experience. I always leave there feeling very relaxed. I hope she stays around for a long time.
Susan M
My appointment Shannon, Thank you, it is always a pleasure to receive body work from you. In addition to enhancing my physical health, you are a supportive friend and a great listener. I would recommend you to all of my friends.
Susan M
Relaxing and Rejuvinating My massage with Shannon was amazing. Shannon is knowledgable about the human body and integrates that knowledge into her practice. She listens to my concerns and requests and addresses them during my treatment.
Jeanell Innerarity, LMP
Reliable, professional, highly recommended Shannon at Still Life is a professional in the true sense that you see less and less of these days. With great attention to detail she delivers a deeply relaxing, intuitive yet practical, thorough massage that feels timeless when I'm on the table and highly effective and energizing when I get off the table. She runs a tight ship at her studio, being consistently on time and providing all amenities in an atmosphere that feels simple, straightforward, and clean. I think of Shannon as my "maintenance therapist"; I see her every month, even if I have nothing "wrong" going on in my body, in order to keep all my parts in working order so that I can be healthy and less stressed for the long hual!
Lupe A
Shannon I had amazing massages, I am very happy and I will keep coming back. Thank you! Lupe
Emma A
Shannon is amazing! :-) I love how I feel after having her massages, every month, I'm looking forward to visit her office. Thank you, keep up the great work! :-)
Carrie C
Shannon is great! I've had hip pain for quite sometime and no massage therapist has been able to pin-point the location/cause, but Shannon found the source on my first visit and greatly relieved the pain. I highly recommend Still Life!
Marci S
So far so good!!! I have had 2 massages, 1 with Shannon and the other with Janet. They were both different, but really great, therapeutic massages that helped relieve my back pain. Thank you!
Drew W
Terrific Excellent job Adriana!
Drew W
Terrific Massage Tess was very thorough, professional and quite skilled. I've had massages for over 40 years from a variety practitioners. She gets five stars.
Hilary W
Tess I came to Tess with a back injury from work and she has helped me so much...both with my acute injury as well as some chronic issues,...her body knowledge and attention to detail has helped me learn a lot about my body and the connectedness of it all. Thank you!
Martin Weber
Tess is great I have adhesions that require skilled deep tissue work. Tess is fabulous.
Tess is terrific! Tess is more than just a highly skilled technician. With her caring spirit she provides clients with an hour of relaxation and relief from muscle tension. I appreciate how she has developed a keen understanding of my chronic trouble spots and knows how to go after them. Tess is the perfect balance of anatomy smart, enemy tough (she knows how to attack pain!) and client gentle. A rare find.
Daisy W
The Best I've been seeing Shannon for over five years. She allows me to vent and share a few laughs too! It is an Unbelievable experience and I look forward to my next appointment to remove life's bumps in my back.
Ramon G
Very effective Review of Tess Hustead I have had two appointments with Tess and, on each one, she has listened to what I wanted and acted on it. She is very skilled and is attentive to what ails her clients. Thanks
David K
Very Good! I had such a wonderful experience at Still life massage. The best tables, and best massage! I have been to many places before and this is my fave! Oh, and scheduling, is the easiest I have ever seen!
Very professional, excellent service and massage I am always impressed with the professionalism and service at Still Life Massage. Shannon is very skilled and creates a relaxing atmosphere. I would recommend a massage at Still Life to anyone!
Wonderful Everything. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.